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Comparing Caterers

Planning any event can involve wading through a maze of menus and proposals.  Some caterers will send you the menu with or without pricing.  Other costs for china, silverware, glassware, and service staff could be added on later.  Often times, caterers have an additional hourly charge for each server which can add significantly to the cost of the event.   We have included the catering team in our prices with no hidden charges.

Service Styles
There are many styles, levels of service and special touches you can use to enhance your event.  The more insight you give us on your event concept the better will be our proposals to you.  We want to understand your ideas so we can help you achieve all that you envision. From a buffet style to an elegant seated service, you define your vision.

Buffet style - From setup to breakdown, our gracious professional staff provides service to your guests worry-free.  We invite your guests to be served so there is no waiting and no line. We attend the buffet assisting your guests so you can relax and enjoy!  If you would like to increase the staffing to enhance your event, let us know and we can customize the quote for you.

Formal Seated Service - A larger team can accord you the individual formal treatment of seated service. Each course is presented to your guests in a synchronized flow.

Food Preparation
A key to having fabulous flavors is using the finest of local produce, herbs, meats and ingredients whenever possible.  Most chefs have specialties, so ask for recommendations. You do not want your caterer to use frozen or premade products, sauces, or appetizers.  Our caterer is known for using only the finest of ingredients when preparing his exceptional cuisine.     

Insights and Final Thoughts
Evaluating any service, you can determine the type of service you will experience by how the initial consultation stage is handled.  Was everything described and detailed with all costs up front? Gilroy Lodge on the Hill will provide you with a draft copy of the contract in the early stages.  This will afford you the opportunity to secure your date reservation, while working together in refining the menu details and planning your event. Do they really listen to your preferences and show flexibility?   Will the manager attend your event to assure that all is completed exactly as planned? Asking all of these questions can better prepare you to select the ideal location for your needs.  We hope this information is helpful!

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